Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Your Logo Is Not Your Brands


S are so widely known that they are the face of a global brand.

 They are not the mark itself, but they are the image associated with it. When you see a business logo, the image calls your memories and feelings about the products or services of the company. The logos are designed to make them feel their loyalty to the brand and stimulate their desire for society to sell. They constitute an important part of the brand of a company. techwadia

The brand has changed a lot, however, since the days when the logo was the king and the marketing campaign was its main activity. The brand today has more mobile parts and is much more complex than it was used to being.

The most common brand is usually a main message developed by the company, with a logo image, which is wrapped in optimistic videos, then pressured to clients and potential customers with many points of sale to feel good with society. And buy more than you sell. A brand is supposed to create a value through desire, to differentiate their products from other products, create customer loyalty and increase their market share.

I call this intentional external brand. It is the story made and idealized with a company and its products for an external audience. This brand advertising brand is combined as a film and is a multipredgy presentation that is a specific search for minds, hearts and wallets.

This is the part of a brand that always attracts most companies. Companies want a lot to shape their relationship with you in their conditions. We will tell you who we are, how you have to feel about us and our products, and what you need to do accordingly (buy more things!).


In the world of today's media, the target audience tries to block the intentional dam of the brand. They are overwhelmed by so many people in many sources, they are tasty enough to be skeptical of their affirmations.

They are also very sensitive to involuntary brands.

Its involuntary external brand is the way people outside their organization present their business. This part of your brand has experience on many levels: it is sensitive, rational, emotional, interactive and fluent. These are what people buy, what they hear, how they know, their people and their technology, and most importantly, it is about how their relationship with you feel emotionally.

Thanks to technology and social networks, this awareness of your business is still still and instantaneously open to change. It is no longer a static logo symbol or text. This is the sum of the way you are known in the world and how people think and feel you.

Therefore, its global brand includes its intentional external brand, which is the brand mark of your company's brand and its involuntary brand, which is a true daily experience of the peoples of everything and everything that allows it to do. With your company.

Frontier Airlines with its lowest and lower rates: its intentional brand, and the same border airlines with some of the highest levels of the customer's complaint in the industry, its unintentional brand.

Consider McDonald's with its intentional external brand, "I love" and your involuntary brand, a growing public belief that your food is unhealthy. You can see how the involuntary brand can overwhelm the intentional mark and cause great problems for a business.

And there are more, as they say in sales.

There is another part of your brand that is also crucial: your internal brand. The internal brand also has its intentional and involuntary parts and this is the way all people in your business (your internal customers *) experience the organization.

Internal internal brand efforts of a company are often not intense as potential customers. They include motivational items, bulletins, speeches and training, EPP discussions, friendly communication policies ("My door is still open ..."), rewards and rewards, as well as the optimistic visions of the past and the future. This internal scenario of society strives to create a happy and productive brand for the company's people to be compromised and glued. It only works only if it does not disagree with the involuntary internal brand of society.

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