Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Watch the Film Again to Win


The training staff of each soccer team begins to prepare for the next game by looking at the game movies of their next opponent.

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Does your back prefer to turn right or left?

Is your kicker accurate 50 meters?

Is your star blocker still hurt?

Above all, review the film, seeking forces that will need, strategies to defend themselves, and the weaknesses that can explode. In terms of marketing, they prepare a "competitive analysis" and an "action plan" that call a "game plan."

Of course, this competitive analysis is not limited to football; In all sports, there are almost all levels, political campaigns, and other competitive situations, even in all types of companies.


Your business, such as the soccer team, competition against an opponent, and today, with the almost universal capacity of its customers and their research perspectives on the Internet, competing against companies worldwide. To be successful, you must perform the same type of analysis; Develop the same kind of plan:


If they can deliver in three weeks, can you provide in two?

If you offer a 90-day warranty, can you suggest one for six months?

If your price includes the assembly, can yours include assembly and delivery?

If your price is $ x, can you offer a lower price or savings of a type?

If you have a well-trained, friendly, and competent staff, can your team be better?

Winning a competitive advantage requires what the competition offers and requires some sleep. Would you please read your ad to see what you offer, check your website, measure your site's navigation ease, become a client, and see how it is about?

Start to exploit your strengths and stack your superiority messages at home. Start identifying your weaknesses and instituting processing strategies for force weaknesses (Lemond Lemondeade?). Start working to improve the coexistence, knowledge, and usefulness of your staff. Then, start monitoring the effectiveness of their efforts to become more competitive and modify those who work and modify those who have not yet have the desired effect. The soccer team is doing the half-time resource to transform the dynamics on your side, and you can also do it.


If you use a "competitive analysis," you can develop a "Game Plan" winner, such as the advantages of the NFL, but keep in mind that companies that have competitive do the same. So add the possibility of flexibility in your plan.


Larry Galler involves and consults high-performance executives, professionals, and small businesses since 1993. He is the author of the long-term business column (every Sunday since November 2001), "Front lines with Larry Galler." For a free coaching session, send an email to Larry for an appointment

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